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3 Habits That Successful Entrepreneurs Do Better Than Most Other People - Mobe Business Education

3 Habits That Successful Entrepreneurs Do Better Than Most Other People - Mobe Business Education

When it comes to studying entrepreneurs, I have literally done my fair share of research on the mindset shift that must occur to perform at a high level like Mobe.

 I could literally write about a hundred different habits that successful entrepreneurs have. And these habits are not things that most people do NOT do, it is just that successful entrepreneurs have these as habits.

That is the weird thing about success it is usually a few steps past the comfort zone that most people have. And if there was a measureable way to show people how close they are when they eventually quit, well then we would probably have a lot more successful people!

So with that being said, these habits I want to discuss today are NOT things that most people don't do, it is just that successful people are doing it routinely. Like clockwork. Day in and day out.

3 Habits of Successful Entrepreneurs

  • Create a Schedule, and stick to it!

    I put this one first on purpose. Because when this habit is set up, all the others are set up too. Look at any high functioning individual, or CEO, or uber successful entrepreneur, and they are slaves to their schedule.

    Most get up really early in the morning, while the average people are still sleeping. They hit the gym, have a nutritious breakfast, and tackle the tough tasks right away in the morning.

    Successful entrepreneurs know about the Cortisol Awakening Response (CAR) and that our bodies are more apt to function at a high level first thing in the morning. These entrepreneurs leverage everything they can to ensure top notch success in business.

     Having a strict schedule is the key to success. Many are actual slaves to their schedules. Once the path to success is written down, forged into their weekly calendars, they try not to deviate off track as their success can just as easily be deviated.
  • Take Action

    Highly functioning successful entrepreneurs know how to take action. Whereas the majority of
    the population gets stuck in the "paralysis of analysis," successful people know that those who take action are more likely to get things done and reach their goals.

    They never say things like "I need to do this first" or "if I only had" and other self pitying speak. They know that getting started is halfway to success and the capitalize on this because they no that many others will not.

    Perfectionism does not create fear for the action taker, as they know that just by getting started and accomplishing a task, that the details can be sorted out later.
  • Learn how to say No

    A third habit that highly successful entrepreneurs do routinely is to say NO. They know that the world is full of people that take and take and can remove the entrepreneur right off their task, so he or she must be comfortable telling people "no."

    Often times, non habitual entrepreneurs will try to get them off of their schedule or tasks at hand, so saying NO is a must. Other times, people will try to discourage the entrepreneur from reaching their goals because they are "too lofty" or "not attainable" or "silly" so the entrepreneur must be strong enough to say NO and to carry on.

    Saying NO will break a lot of relationships with people, but it is okay because it might be better in the end anyway. Saying NO to certain people will open up the doorway to saying YES to others, and these might make life better for the entrepreneur.
    As I mentioned, there are literally hundreds more habits that successful entrepreneurs have, but I wanted to focus on three for today to get you on the right path to success!

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