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12 Myths about Building an Online Presence Part 2

Previously, we discussed the first six myths of building an online presence. Here are the other six.

7. Social Media Is Free

Of course, you can slowly build your following organically. There is still some kind of stigma, where if companies promote their content it’s looked down upon. Well, smart marketers understand the need to boost their content reach to see real results. Never promote your stuff just to be seen by anyone. Use highly-targeted strategies that will ensure that your content is seen by the audiences who need to see it. Then, it’s well-justified. Minuses of Water Front properties

8. Sharing New Content Once

This one is probably the biggest mistake I made for so long! You create this beautiful piece of content. You work so hard on it to make it look perfect. You post it. You share it once on all your social media platforms … and then you forget about this piece. Um, what? You’ve worked so hard on it to show it to the world once? You have to post the content more than that to ensure that a lot of people see it. If your audience is not online when you post it, they just missed it unless they accidentally stumble upon it. You have to keep a balance of new posts, curated content, and your older posts for it to work. Experiment with different copy, headings, and images for a social update. Share your older posts you feel especially proud of.

9. Introverts Can’t Do Social Media

I’m an introvert. I don’t feel particularly comfortable with small talk, especially around new people. However, I have a lot of thoughts that I like to share. Do just that. Because social media is virtual, it provides a safe balance of virtual chatter and you can always tune out in the safety of your home. However, the main point is this: social media is what you make of it. If you find interesting people who share your interests or provide a greater insight into what you’d like to learn, engage with these people. This makes conversations online meaningful, and introverts enjoy meaningful conversations, right? It doesn’t have to be painful; it can be fun and educational.

10. You Can’t Reach out to Influencers; They Get Tons of Request Every Day

While the second part of the statement is true, the first one is not. I have reached out to influencers who were not only so nice to reply to my tweet, but they actually shared their email address so that I could ask my questions. How cool is that? While not every single attempt was successful, a very high percentage of them were. So, if you really want to connect to your favorite author, influencer or artist, just try it. They are influencers for a reason – they help people. Ask meaningful questions or start a conversation about a shared interest of yours to show your genuine interest in them. If they don’t reply, don’t take it personally.

11. If They Haven’t Replied the First Time, Don’t Try Again

Going back to the fact that they get tons of requests and emails every day … it’s true. Your tweet or email might get lost in tons of other requests. That’s assuming they only read emails all day long and don’t do anything else. Come on. If you didn’t get a negative reply, try again in a while. Follow up, but don’t be pushy or disrespectful. Show your care and understanding of their busy schedules. Besides, they don’t owe you anything. Tricks Employed by Real Estate Agent

12. Don’t Get Personal Online

While no one wants to read your rants, complaints and issues or see obsessive amounts of cute cat photos, showing your human side is okay. Make sure it’s not shedding bad light on you, but things like interests are usually pretty safe. If you’re a sports fan, show your team colors once in a while. If you like to cook, share an amazing recipe you loved. If you’re a photography hobbyist, share a snapshot you took. This will bring your audience closer to you. You might be surprised on how much engagement you can get on a simple post talking about your interests and hobbies, because passion is what really drives humans.

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