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How Are Online Marketers Making Millions of Dollars With Affiliate Marketing?

This is a real popular question, so let's jump right into it.

I get asked this question a lot by newer online marketing professionals - typically those that are not complete beginners anymore, but have gotten to the point in their business where they have learned what it takes to get a sale in online marketing.

At this point, many have tried setting up a blog, written articles, maybe did some video marketing on YouTube, dabbled in solo ads or pay-per-click, and have even set up their email responder service.

Usually, they may have made 1 or 2 sales and gotten "bit by the marketing bug" to where they are now really entrenched in "figuring this thing out" and making their online business work for them.

And then it hits them.

"How the HECK are these experts making multiple 6 and 7 figures marketing online when I'm struggling to make 1 or 2 sales at $100 profit!?"

Does this sound familiar? This is a question we get all the time!

Leverage the System

What the top affiliate marketers will tell you, is that it takes virtually the same amount of energy, or "effort" to get a low ticket sale or a high ticket sale.

It boils down to a few simple ingredients:

1. Place an ad
2. Send Traffic to the Ad
3. A percentage of the visitors may buy
4. Test until you find what works, then scale up

Now, as simple as this sounds - this really is the true recipe for success. What the experts and top affiliates are doing is creating this on a large scale. And fast!

Typically, these experts have done the really basic methods, much better than most other people. They focus on the details and execute until it works. And scale up quickly!

The Traffic Myth

There are a lot of myths out there with regards to traffic. And in the true transparency that we at MOBE like to portray, the honest, 100% way to grow your online business quickly is with paid traffic. Period. End of sentence.

Why Paid Traffic? Without going too much into detail in this post about the differences in paid traffic AND free traffic, (you get all of this in the 15+ hours of training in 21 Steps program [**HYPERLINK]), the reason we teach paid traffic is because it is scalable.

What this means, is that if you can find a marketing method where you put $1.00 in, and $2.00 comes out, you have a profitable model. Then you need to do whatever you can do to pump as much money into that profitable system in order to get twice your investment back in return.

Scalability. It is how the big companies do it, and how you can do it in your online business as well. This is the big difference between what MOBE teaches and what some of the other programs are teaching.

The truth is (again, with being fully transparent), the top affiliates are selling high ticket items, while the majority of everyone else in affiliate marketing is teaching you how to set up these systems where you only make $25-$75 per sale.

AND, while you are sending traffic to their sites to get your $25 commission - they are getting all the upsells and HIGH TICKET sales from the customers that YOU put so much effort in getting to their site!

What a waste!

How to Leverage Your Effort to Increase Online Affiliate Earnings

So, if you are at the point where you are making a few sales and not getting a lot of commissions, and you want to know if it is even possible to make multiple, 6 figures online, you are truly closer than you think. You just need to start selling programs where you can get all the upsells and sell high ticket items.
Mobe affiliate Earnings

And the recipe is the same: place ads, send traffic, get sales. Only this time, after your front end sales are complete, and you collect your smaller commissions, the process does not end there. Any additional upsells that come through will get paid to you to.

Now it's Time to Cruise

Okay, if this is making sense so far, now is time for the exciting part. How you can crush your competition to make even more earnings.

Let's say you are utilizing the same, paid traffic methods you were using before. But instead of you just earning $25 in commissions, your earnings went up to $250. So you literally make 10 times more on the exact same traffic efforts.

First of all, congratulations. Secondly though, guess what. You now can afford to out-market your competition. And by that I mean you can spend more to get BETTER traffic. And with better traffic comes BETTER results (Results = Sales).

So, by paying for traffic:

• you can choose your audience
• get better leads
• make more money
• scale up
• Sell High Ticket Items
• and PAY MORE for better leads…
which in turn will bring you more sales! Are you getting it?

(I know, I should be charging you for this education!)

That's really the secret. If you can absorb this, and implement with tenacity, you too can become a multiple 6 figure income earner online. The question is - are you up for the challenge?

See you on top!

-Nate Rio

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