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Do This One Thing to Make More Sales as an Affiliate

Make more sales as an affiliate - MOBE Training
I frequently get tons of emails and Facebook messages asking the same question: "What is the one thing that I need to do to make more sales? What's the one thing?"

The Simple Answer

Despite all the entrepreneurial and small business-related information that we publish—blogs, articles, and videos, as well as our information products and services—a lot of people seem to think that there must be one key action—that one thing that will magically increase their sales.

Well, there is … and there isn't.

For just a minute, imagine yourself in six months or even a year from now, with consistent sales in the five, six, or seven figures—whatever seems most real to you. Close your eyes and see row after row of commission figures in your MOBE back office: $1,250 … $3,000 … $5,000.

If you were actually standing in "your future", you would look back to today as being in the past. And, what you do in the past will affect the future—so the future of your business will be affected by whatever actions you take today.

Lots of Little Things

The fact is: there is no magic bullet that produces big sales results. There are lots and lots of little things.

The "one thing" mindset is actually very dangerous for you, and here's why: It's hard to know exactly how the actions you take today will affect the future of your business. But I do know this for sure: Do little or nothing while trying to figure out that "one thing" and your business will have no future.

When I meet new attendees at our seminars, the first question I ask is how they found out about us. MOBE uses many different methods of advertising, and I am always curious to know which methods are working the best. I am often surprised to discover that some of these seminar attendees have been receiving my emails for a year or two and even though they joined other programs (which they also abandoned), they never stopped reading my emails.

Similarly, I recall a person who discovered MOBE through one of our top affiliates; he read his blog and decided to sign up for our entry-level program. From that time, he had been receiving my emails for about a year. After reading an email promoting a free event held in his city, he decided to attend; and from there, attended a paid event where he upgraded his affiliate status. He ultimately upgraded several levels, resulting in commissions of around $4,000 for the top affiliate who he originally signed up with. But it also resulted in similar commissions for the company.

This wouldn't have happened without those emails.

Then, there are others who discover MOBE through one of our YouTube videos. Or a piece of direct mail. Or they sign up for a free webinar while surfing the net, searching for home business opportunities. As you can see, it's never just one thing.

You may not be able to crank out a full range of promotions—emails, videos, webinars, direct mail—and neither could I at first. It took nine months of complete struggle just for me to make my first commission. I had to build up to being able to do a lot of little things.

Those little things are past actions being felt in the bottom line today.


So, if there really is one key action that will increase your sales, it is to be consistent, no matter how many of those little things you can do right now.

Communicate with your list daily. Keep them involved and interested. Post your blog and continue to write new and engaging posts. Place ads on a consistent basis.

In a one-on-one consultation I had with an affiliate, the goal was to figure out why his strong five-figure commissions were dwindling. We reviewed his marketing mediums and found that he stopped doing those consistent actions that allowed him to reach five figures. Admittedly, the affiliate stopped hosting his weekly webinars, and rather than sending daily emails to his list (as he did before), he slouched and sent them every other day. Not staying consistent with these small actions showed in a drop in sales.

It can be very tempting to slack off a bit and relax when you've started making decent income with your small business. We've all done it. I've done it.

But when that happens, just take a minute to think of the "future you"… the one with the five, six, seven (or more) figure income. The "future you" will be really glad you pushed through your tiredness today and did that one little extra thing. He or she will really appreciate that you got up off the couch and sent that email or prepared that webinar or wrote that blog post.

Don't be complacent.

Do a lot of little things, consistently—and you'll eventually see it pay off in sales.

Matt Lloyd

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