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Mobe Review focuses on "Effective Team Building Skills"

At the workplace, communication, problem solving, Mobe team-building builds an effective team for leaders to learn and become very proficient at.Teams in business come in all sizes and shapes. They can be under one roof but on differing floors; in one area or scattered across states, time zones and countries. Yet, building and managing effective teams are critical to a leader's success.

So, how does one build a team and keep it together and functioning at an optimal level? Below are some pointers for dynamic teamwork.

1. Create a Shared Sense of Purpose

An effective team as per Matt Lloyd Mobe needs to be pulling in the same direction towards a unified goal. In order to do this, a leader needs to inspire, meaning literally "to breathe the life into".

A great leader "breathe the life into" their team, their vision, their organization and their community. And in doing this, they motivate others by articulating an outcome so compelling the team is able to understand how the goal is purpose driven. They understand what the payoff will be for all their efforts.The ultimate outcome is clear and possibility becomes reality!

2. Don't Dominate ~ Lead

Yes, a fine line exists between dominating and leading. In working with people over the years, the best way to make this point is by asking people to simply conduct an experiment and observe.Watch what happens with others in a meeting or even an individual conversation if one person dominates the discussion? Is there a free flow of ideas? Do people engage? What happens to the tone of the meeting? How do people feel after they leave the meeting?

It puts out the spark of creativity, weighs down the process of momentum and ultimately makes for an ineffective team.If you want to lead and not dominate, pay attention to how much you talk and how much you listen. Do people walk away knowing more about you or do you walk away knowing more about them?

3. Solicit Points of View

If dominating stifles a team, the opposite is true if leaders make a point to engage team members.By engaging the team, all members not just a few. Go out of the way to ask everyone to contribute. 

Invite brainstorming. Use some poster and capture all the ideas in writing.This makes people feel valued and a team that feels valued produces results.

4. Know Your Team's Strengths

Evaluate your team so you know how to leverage their strengths and who to "pitch to" for achievement.

Mostly leaders fail to take the time to know who is on their team in terms of skill set, strengths, interests, and professional goals. Taking time to accurately assess your team is a huge mistake and extracts a large price in the long run.

Meet with your individual team members, understand what they are good at, what they want to do more of, what they want to learn and what their needs are for professional growth.

For a leader, Mobe review suggests that the payoff is two-fold. The time taken to complete this assessment, communicates to the team and the individual members that you are interested in them and value them, but it also helps you strategize ways to optimize their talents.

5. Create a Team Identity

Every group takes on an identity of their own. Whether intentional or not, groups establish a personality. So, why not take the reins and create something unique and dynamic that will energize your team.

No matter how small, large, spread out or diverse your team is, brainstorm ways to create an identity that all the members can take pride in. Develop a mission statement by letting members to contribute one word they associate with the group and put together a mission statement that encapsulates the group's purpose.

Come right out and ask the group what they want to be known for? How do they want others to perceive them? What impression do they want to leave on the organization?

All Together Now!

Only you, and you alone, are responsible for your professional business growth, so get going and design the career you want!It really is all up to you, make the choice to live your life by design, not default! 
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